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What do you (Ukrainians) think about foreigners coming to your country exclusively to meet girls?

2020.09.13 00:59 PrinceMyshkin123 What do you (Ukrainians) think about foreigners coming to your country exclusively to meet girls?

Oh yeah, I finally found the perfect place to ask!
I am currently in Ukraine (starting my 3rd month in Kiev) due to the coronavirus issue since my Kazakh wife and I have a very short list of places we can be at the same time together.
I can see that everywhere in the centre there are hundreds of foreign guys attending their Tinder first date or busy with other dating apps. I am positive I haven't seen a single foreign woman visiting Kiev in 2 months, apart from Africans.
I have overheard people talking and I can't recall one foreign guy even trying to speak Russian (I wouldn't expect Ukrainian anyway). Probably only some Turkish do. Hence, I really really doubt any of those are here for "business", as they claim.
I feel sometimes, well actually 90% of the times, people treat me as another guy landed in Kiev in order to fill his blonde-girl agenda. It bothers me actually, even if it shouldn't.
Well, what do Ukrainians think about this? Please no politically correct answers!
Edit: Foregneir guys, despite the funny tone it doesn't have to be an offensive or provocative post towards all foreigners visiting/living in Ukraine. I am simply interested in the point of view of locals.
I am already aware and sure that every guy visiting Kiev/Ukriane is drawn by his personal cultural needs towards Ukrainian art & history 👌
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2020.04.19 07:10 IamKervin [DIPLOMACY]American continuation of Ukrainian assistance

Americo-Ukrainian Partnership


Greetings to the American secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. We would like to express that firstly our thanks to the American people and the government in their assistance in providing Ukraine with meaningful assistance when it comes to Military affairs. Providing Ukraine with the necessary military components, providing our men with up to date modern military training and equipment such as rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, counter artillery radar systems, night vision tech, and various other forms of medical support and etc. The Military assistantance that has been provided for us has amounted to the equivalent of 400mln an we're truly happy of the leap that Ukraine has gotten in achieving its mission status, thanks in most part to the American people in there will to help us. We're looking for American present to bet stationed in Ukraine and continue providing military assistance to Ukriane. Doing so , would provide Ukraine with the most technologically advance'd capabilities in warfare. Additionally, the equipment we currently have in our inventory are old equipment that are not appropriate for current military conditions. We can only hope that your eagerness to see Ukraine doing well, militarily would inspire the U.S in providing Ukraine with arms, necessary in giving Ukraine the means to defend itself. We hope to hear from the U.S
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Kuleba Dmytro
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